Oh, this is difficult

Why I am not on tumblr

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Even though it would be convenient (or so it seems) and parts of it seem to be fun.

1. People are crazy.
2. People there don’t hesitate to verbalise their craziness.
3. I don’t mean the good kind of crazy.

I don’t want to generalise (which I’m doing, I know), but people and their fandoms…a lot of it seems fun and all, but some things are just scary. And then all the ‘shipping’ (not bad per se, but combined with craziness…), and if you don’t like something and write about it (even if you’re being completely objective/neutral), DON’T TAG!!!!!!!!!! Because no one seems to be able to handle reading that someone else doesn’t like their SHIP/whatever. And how dare you offend anyone.

Maybe it’s only certain parts of tumblr that are like that, but it’s enough to keep me from joining.

Also, once I accidentally (I’d been careful to avoid it, I’d had a feeling…) clicked on the Tom Hiddleston tag and what can I say. Shocked. For. Life. Ugh.

This. Pretty much. (And don’t get me started on youtube comments.)

Edit 25/10/12: Besides, 90% of Tumblr links are dead after about a week and that irks me. And: there’s no way you don’t get addicted to it once you’re on there.


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