Oh, this is difficult

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Dit lelijke haakje…

…op het cover van mijn dure woordenboeken – wie is daar verantwoordelijk voor?! Dat kan toch echt niet? (En die man…waarom zijn er tegenwoordig op alle taalboeken mensen te zien? Daar heb ik zo’n hekel aan.)

PS. Ik weet dat mijn pijl echt een kunstwerk is, dank je wel.


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Physical impossibility

When looking through some things of a relative who passed away recently, I found this:

It’s one book, not even heavy, and it has all the plays and all the poems, plus an extensive glossary and a character index. How is this possible?

[Interesting to note it does not have a scene V in 2 Henry IV, IV – just as in another edition I have (well, it actually isn’t mine, but if you keep something long enough, it legally becomes yours…….right?), scene V is part of scene IV. In the New Cambridge Shakespeare and all online sources I know it’s a scene of its own. I think it’s time to find out where this difference is coming from.]