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What Dr Sheldon Cooper would say

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…to ‘That is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard’ is the following:

Literally? Really?’ – while making his ‘more wrong?’ face.

The problem is, the first sentence was also said by Dr Cooper, in this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory (S6E2). Seriously, what the hell were the writers thinking? There are two possibilites: A. They are stupid and/or don’t care enough to be consistent in their writing. B. It is a subtle way of showing that Sheldon’s relationship with Amy is affecting his brain (…and this is a desperate attempt to make sense of him using literally like that which is of course nonsense).

A lot of people keep complaining about the more recent episodes of The Big Bang Theory, about how the show is becoming like Friends (I have no idea if this is justified, I can’t stand Friends and avoided watching it whenever I could, so I only have a vague memory if it), etc. Yes, the show has changed over time, and there are some episodes/story lines that could be described as almost dull, but all in all, I still like it as much as ever. I also like Amy (though they could tone down her creepiness). BUT it’s small things like Sheldon’s use of that word this episode that really bug me. Is it really that difficult to stay true to the characters and not make the viewers think ‘He would never say that’? And it’s not like ‘literally’ was an integral part of the dialogue.

On a related note, this episode’s line to use in everyday life: ‘Your Mark Ruffalo is still out there somewhere.’

Sheldon: Do you remember how upset I was when they replaced Edward Norton as the Hulk?
Leonard: Yes, you walked around for a week saying ‘Sheldon unhappy with casting choice.’
Sheldon: Buut then Mark Ruffalo was the Hulk in The Avengers, and he was even better.
Leonard: What’s your point?
Sheldon: Call me a romantic, I like to think your Mark Ruffalo is still out there somewhere.

Actually, their replacing of Edward Norton was one of the reasons I didn’t want to see The Avengers – even though I hadn’t even seen The Incredible Hulk, yeah, no, this doesn’t make sense -, and then Mark Ruffalo turned out to be awesome. (What do they say about great minds thinking alike? Just saying…)

(In S4E11 Zack said something about ‘literally a million years’, to which Sheldon replies ‘Literally? Literally a million years?’ Apropos, where is Zack? He was hilarious. Except for the story about the whirlpool and the drunk girl, which I seriously found to be borderline disturbing.)


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